Designing a seamless booking experience for a new market during COVID times.

My Role

Complete product design from research to conception, prototyping and testing, and future iterations.

Lead designer for branding and marketing materials.


Chorefree’s new service, Move in and Move Out cleanings – which can be booked in just 90 seconds through the new website – resulted from months of iterations and user research to find a new market due to the pandemic situation.

The Problem

Chorefree is a cleaning company in Vancouver that has done residential and Airbnb cleanings for eight years. However, everything changed when the Pandemic started. With the closure of borders and a worldwide lockdown, the company lost 90% of its monthly income, so we needed to iterate or die.


We stepped back and did some general research of the current situation and the different markets that hired cleaning regularly. We found that, unlike other industries, the real estate in Vancouver was better than ever, having 22.1% more property sales than in past years (Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, 2020).

We conducted interviews with realtors and surveys amongst realtors from Vancouver, and based on this data, we created a target group profile.

Design Process

How might we create a seamless and reliable booking experience for realtors?

Confirmation and reminders: reassure that we will be there

A less stressful booking process: an easy flow to follow

A transparent quoting system: so they know what to expect from the beginning

Have an ASAP option: so in case they have a last-minute clean, they can rely on us

Mobile-first approach: so they can book anywhere

Unlike other e-commerce sites, a cleaning booking has many different elements: number of rooms and complexity for each room to get an exact quote, calendar availability based on the current workload, information about the unit and the customer, etc. This is why most cleaning companies would instead make each quote manual or charge by the hour.

We conducted brainstorming sessions to find new ways to make the experience unique. Once we got the main flow, we iterated to simplify the booking process as much as possible.

I led a brainstorming session to develop ideas for a more straightforward booking process with coworkers from finance and operations departments.

This whiteboard shows some early iterations of how the process would look if realtors could create an account and have a dashboard.

We invited some realtors to assemble their ideal flow using the printed screenshots. This helped us understand their priorities and what information is relevant for them when booking.

I asked some realtors to book some real cleanings using the flow we had and to give us feedback on the process. We got inspiration from Airbnb’s booking buttons – not only because those are elegant and functional, but also because many realtors already use Airbnb’s app daily.

Observations from testing

The two main points a realtor wants to know before scheduling is cost and availability for a specific date. That’s why we added both elements to the beginning of the process.  

They will likely not add extra services if they are presented as a separate product. However, if we add them to the flow as part of the clean, the chances of selecting them are higher (18% more). 

Realtors would drop off if creating an account was mandatory to complete the booking. We removed the “create account” section in the flow so everyone could checkout easily as a guest. 

The Solution

Chorefree’s Move in and Move out cleaning is a new service created especially to cover all realtor’s needs and can be booked through the website in less than 90 seconds.

The website features an elegant yet functional 5 step process to book a cleaning:


You can start booking directly from the home page. With just a few clicks, you can know the pricing for cleaning the property.


Specialty services can be easily added to the cleaning. All the information needed is on the page, so you know what is included.


You can schedule your cleaning right away, or you can select the ASAP option for emergencies. We are ready when you are!

Additional Information

Property address and contact information are asked almost at the end, like a guest checkout.

Booking Breadcrumbs

You can go back or review any step by clicking the “Order summary” button.


Although all the credit card information is required to confirm the order, we will only charge the total 48 hrs after the cleaning is done, so we can be sure that you are delighted with the service. And that’s it! Your clean is booked in under 90 seconds!

Chorefree Experience Journey

We worked on every element of the app and the cleaning service to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Chorefree Experience Journey

Design System

Branding and Promotional Material


After releasing the website, we conducted surveys and user testing to get feedback. Based on the results, we did some iterations on the flow:


We needed extra details for the cleanings (access instructions, notes about the unit, optional personalized message on the welcome card), so we added them to the process. However, the cart abandoned rate increased due to having more than four steps to get the order done. We decided to add those steps after the checkout as optional, so the realtors wouldn’t need to fill it out in case they were in a hurry, and they could fill it out after by sending them the link on their email.


Some realtors recommended us to their clients rather than paying for the service. That’s why we added a “Share quote” button so that the realtor could send the quote directly to the client, and they could go straight to checkout and book it.

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